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Construction has started on the improvements to control deicing materials in storm water runoff at GFIA.  After completion of the 2011 Long-Term Alternatives Report, and receipt of environmental approvals from the MI Department of Environmental Quality and the Federal Aviation Administration, construction started on October 2, 2013.  The project schedule calls for 86 weeks of construction over a two year period.  With completion scheduled for September of 2015, the project will meet the required October 1, 2015 date to eliminate GFIA’s contribution to the development of biofilm in Trout Creek (a tributary to the Thornapple River).  The contractor is Grand Rapids, MI based Kamminga & Roodvoets at a bid of $16,374,610.  The engineer’s estimate was $17,828,625.

GFIA appreciates the role of the Stakeholders Advisory Committee in the development of the recommended program, and for comments received through the project design.  The Committee will continue to meet through completion of the project.


  • Phasing Documents
  • Progress Reports (will be updated periodically)
  • Photos

Stakeholders Advisory committee



  • NPDES Permit Final 2013
  • Environmental Assessment Final; August 2013
  • Evaluation and Selection of Long-Term Control Alternative Report-Aug 2011
  • PowerPoint Presentations


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