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Download a copy of the 2004 Master Plan Update Executive Summary document.
( This document requires the Adobe Acrobat - Click here to learn more.)

Why complete a Master Plan?
Master plans promote a continuous planning process with vision and proactive planning, rather than reactive planning, while providing a logical development plan based on current and projected conditions. The Master Plan will provide a phased and flexible plan that is responsive to short-term and long-term needs. The Master Plan also provides a realistic plan that meets the needs of the users and community and can be funded. The plan is required to receive federal development approval and grant funding.

What is a Master Plan?
A Master Plan is a concept of the ultimate development of an airport, which is reviewed and updated periodically and displays the concept graphically and reports the data and logic upon which the plan is based.

What are the components of a Master Plan?
The components include the study design and identification of issues; inventory, surveys, and data collection; aviation forecasts; demand capacity and analysis; determination of facility requirements; development of alternatives and concepts; financial feasibility; environmental overview/analysis; an implementation plan for development; and the updating of Airport Layout Plan documents in accordance with federal airport operating and design standards.

What is the History of Master Plans at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport?
1959 Original Master Plan completed for current Cascade site.

1968 Master Plan Update completed.

1983 Master Plan Update completed.

1992 Master Plan Update completed.

2004 Master Plan Update completed.

Under a continuous planning process Master Plans are reviewed and benchmarked against actual performance. Formal comprehensive Master Plan updates are completed every 7 to 10 years.


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