In addition to the information you can find on our Airport Publications page and other pages throughout the website, you may be able to request specific documents from the Kent County Department of Aeronautics.

All government agencies are required under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to disclose records requested by the public. Under the provisions of the FOIA, government agencies are to make their records available to the greatest extent possible, based on the principle of openness in government. The Kent County Department of Aeronautics (KCDA) may, however, withhold information pursuant to certain exemptions and exclusions in the statute.


Requests under FOIA for a copy of KCDA records can be made by any individual or public or private organization other than a federal agency. The request must

  1. be in writing
  2. specifically cite the Freedom of Information Act
  3. reasonably describe the records sought
  4. indicate a willingness to pay all fees or fees up to a specific amount
or ask for a fee waiver. The request should be sent to: KCDA FOIA Coordinator, 5500 44th St. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512.

Upon receipt, the FOIA Coordinator will respond to the request five business days after the request is received and perfected (that is, all issues regarding fees and the scope of the request are resolved).

A FOIA response must advise the requester of the records that KCDA intends to disclose or to withhold, the exemption(s) authorizing the withholding (including a citation or summary of each exemption), and a strong justification for withholding the record(s). Normally the records to be disclosed will be provided with the response letter. If the records are not provided with the letter, they will be sent as soon as possible thereafter.